Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sakura Blossom

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The cherry blossom tree
sneezed on the wooden bench below,
covering it in pink petals,
accenting the snow.

A sound was made, but no echo was heard,

for cherry blossoms of the palace, kiss without word

Your fragile petals

Singing sweet songs with the wind
Wet with morning dew. With your brief beauty…

Painful anticipation and my agony

I'm solitary here, in the middle of it.

A lone petal here.

I'm torn apart, Stripped from branch.

Blooming in spring, Fading at fall.

Loving you, I'm your Sakura.

Konbanwa, I've already arrived to the land of my dream: Japan. I went here on 15 April 2011, but the school was already started from 12 April so I'm late. Here, the sakura was blossoming beautifully but I haven't take a proper picture because I didn't have time.

I will tell a little bit of my daily life here. I woke up at 6:30 and then ate breakfast, prepare bento (homemade food), washing face (not showering because it's still cold so only at night time). After that 7:30-7:40 I walked to the Kunitachi station. After the train arrived, I went to Chuo Line direction to Tachikawa (only 1 station - 3 minutes time). This train was really crowded at morning, many students and workers; so can't sit. Around 8:00 I changed the train to Nambu Line direction to Kawasaki (around 20+ stations - 50 minutes+ time). This time I can sit comfortably because Tachikawa station is the beginning and Kawasaki is the ending of Nambu Line. Usually I read my text book again and take a quick nap. Interestingly, I should put my face downward not straight if I slept at the train, because my aunt said it is possible for someone took a picture of me when I slept...

My school starts at 9:40-15:40; except Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday it finishes at 13:25. Oh yea, I studied at College of Business and Communication - Japanese language department.
My classmates are Korean, Vietnamese, Philippine, India -total 11 people.

I miss DATE KG6 (my second home from JPCC-Jakarta Praise Community Church in Jakarta)...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moon Beams

Thrown into the darkness
I stumble over my life
The stone I held in my hand
Broken into sand
So black i cannot see
Voice calling
Said,"Find what you lose"
Please show me
My whispering moon...
(Moon Beams - Beck)

People can see Moon from the earth, it reflects beautifully on the sea. But in fact, the surface of moon is crater - it has many holes. That also happens in my life at the moment...

The dream that I have over few years is as close as the reflection of moon on the sea...
But sometimes the unexpected events turned over from a reflection to a shadow

The voice calling inside my heart is still yearning for that dream to be come true
A moon with two sides, a beautiful facade or just merely a hole to fulfill hidden egoist side

"Follow my heart", "Intuition", "Sensitive" - this is me for being water sign
Please whisper it again what should I do